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Press/Video/Photo: ‘Shameless’ Trailer: Showtime’s Gallaghers Are Back In Force For Season 9

Press/Video/Photo: ‘Shameless’ Trailer: Showtime’s Gallaghers Are Back In Force For Season 9

Showtime released a brand new trailer for season 9 of Shameless, as well as a new poster with the cast dressed to the nines western style. Check out them out below along with an article from Deadline about the upcoming season.

The Gallaghers are back, and Frank is still very much not father of the year, Fiona faces the hard truth that “Going Fiona” is very much a thing and Ian learns the hard way that being a Gay Jesus doesn’t protect you from the consequences of crime.

Those are just a few of the family updates on view in Showtime’s new trailer for its longest-running series, as Season 9 of Shameless is just around the corner. The William H. Macy comedy returns Sunday, September 9 at 9pm ET/PT.

Macy, of course, stars as paterfamilias Frank, with Emmy Rossum as Fiona and Cameron Monaghan as Ian.

According to Showtime, season nine finds political fervor hitting the South Side, with the Gallaghers taking justice into their own hands. Frank sees financial opportunity in campaigning and decides to give voice to the underrepresented South Side working man. Fiona tries to build on her success with her apartment building and takes an expensive gamble hoping to catapult into the upper echelon. Lip (Jeremy Allen White) distracts himself from the challenges of sobriety by taking in Eddie’s niece, Xan (Amirah Johnson), with Ian sees the Gay Jesus movement takes a destructive turn.
Debbie (Emma Kenney) fights for equal pay and combats harassment, and her efforts lead her to an unexpected realization. Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) sets his sights on West Point and prepares himself for cadet life. Liam (Christian Isaiah) must develop a new skill set to survive outside of his cushy private school walls. Kevin (Steve Howey) and V (Shanola Hampton) juggle the demands of raising the twins with running the Alibi as they attempt to transform the bar into a socially conscious business.
This season Shameless will hit its 100th episode (week four). The series is currently in production in Los Angeles. Created by Paul Abbott, Shameless is produced by Bonanza Productions in association with John Wells Productions and Warner Bros. Television. Developed for American television by John Wells, the series is executive produced by Wells and Nancy M. Pimental.

Source: Deadline


Press: Gorilla Doctors Announces Emmy Rossum as Goodwill Ambassador

Press: Gorilla Doctors Announces Emmy Rossum as Goodwill Ambassador
Emmy Rossum Gorilla Doctors Ambassador

We have some exciting news. Gorilla Doctors announced today that Emmy will serve as a Goodwill Ambassador for the organization. Read more about Gorilla Doctors and Emmy’s new role at the organization below.

Gorilla Doctors, an international team of veterinarians providing life-saving care to wild endangered mountain and Grauer’s gorillas in east-central Africa, today announces the appointment of actor Emmy Rossum as Goodwill Ambassador.

Currently starring in the Showtime television series “Shameless,” the award-winning actor is a long-time advocate of animals and the environment. As a Gorilla Doctors Goodwill Ambassador, Ms. Rossum will dedicate her efforts toward raising awareness about the precarious state of these gorillas. There are just 1,004 mountain gorillas left in the world, and Grauer’s gorillas number in the few thousands.

“We are excited and honored to work with Emmy,” said Kirsten Gilardi, DVM, U.S. Director of Gorilla Doctors. “Her passion for the care and survival of these endangered great apes will help the Gorilla Doctors’ story reach and inspire new audiences.”

Ms. Rossum and her husband Sam Esmail traveled to Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda for their honeymoon in June 2017 to see mountain gorillas for the first time.

“Our visit to Rwanda was transformative” said Rossum. “The beauty of the country is breathtaking and the kindness of the people is incredibly moving. Going into the mountains to see the gorillas in their natural environment was something I’d dreamed of doing for years. After hiking in, we sat quietly for an hour watching as the gorillas ate, played and rested in the afternoon sun. To see gorillas in person is to realize that they are incredibly human. I felt a deep, instant connection to them.”

Though based in the U.S., Gorilla Doctors is staffed by Rwandan, Ugandan and Congolese wildlife veterinarians who treat injured and ill gorillas in their forest homes in the protected areas of the Virunga Massif, spanning the borders of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda.

“I am so proud to support Gorilla Doctors,” said Rossum. “Their veterinarians are working tirelessly every day to care for these magnificent animals, helping the population grow and ensuring their survival in the wild.”

The nonprofit Gorilla Doctors is the only group providing mountain and Grauer’s gorillas with direct, hands-on veterinary care in the wild. Since its formation in 1986, at the behest of the world-famous primatologist Dian Fossey, Gorilla Doctors has performed more than 400 interventions, like removing rope snares, to save gorilla lives.

As a Goodwill Ambassador, Ms. Rossum also joins the Gorilla Doctors’ Advisory Council, a dedicated group of gorilla experts and conservationists. Members include television host and wildlife advocate Jack Hanna, Joanne Horowitz, Linda Lowenstine, Stuart Nixon, Jan Ramer, Kelly Stewart, Dominic Travis and Lara Zekaria. Their profiles can be viewed at

Source: Gorilla Doctors

Press: Netflix to Start Streaming ‘Shameless’ Season 8

Press: Netflix to Start Streaming ‘Shameless’ Season 8

Good news Shameless fans. Starting July 28th you can begin streaming season 8 of the award winning television show. So, whether you will be seeing it for the first time, or you will be re-watching, make sure you clear your calendars to get some serious binge on.

If you haven’t already checked out Shameless I highly recommend it. Emmy is absolutely amazing in it, and should have already won an Emmy for her performance. She plays Fiona Gallagher the eldest of 6 children to an alcoholic deadbeat father, and an absentee mother. The children are forced to fend for themselves with Fiona assuming the main caretaker role. Shameless is a dramedy with hilariously “shameless” antics, and some serious and sometimes heartbreaking issues at its core.

Press: ‘Shameless’ Bringing Back Fiona’s Love Interest in Season 9

Richard Flood, who recurred as Ford, will be a series regular when the Showtime dramedy returns in September.

Showtime’s Shameless is poised to further explore Ford, a mysterious new character.

Actor Richard Flood has been promoted to series regular for the upcoming ninth season of the Emmy Rossum starrer.

Flood first appeared in season eight as Ford, the handyman turned love interest for Rossum’s Fiona.

Thus far, little is known about Ford. He’s an Irish carpenter and craftsman and a popular sperm donor for multiple lesbian couples — and Fiona’s reluctant boyfriend.

In season nine of Shameless, the Gallaghers take justice into their own hands amid a renewed political fervor on Chicago’s South Side. Fiona tries to build on her success with her apartment building and takes an expensive gamble, hoping to catapult herself into the upper echelon.

Flood’s credits include NBC’s Crossing Lines, Nat Geo’s Killing Kennedy and Irish drama Red Rock. He’s repped by Gersh and More/Medavoy.
Shameless,which will celebrate its 100th episode in its ninth season, returns Sept. 9 at 9 p.m. on Showtime.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Press/Videos: Emmy Rossum Parodies Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy Video

Shameless recently announced the season 9 premiere date in true Shameless fashion with a parody of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy video, and it’s winning the internet.

Who’s excited for Shameless to return on September 9th!? This girl right here is for sure.

Press: Five Reasons You Should Follow Emmy Rossum on Instagram

If you have seen one episode of Showtime’s Shameless series, you know of Emmy Rossum. She superbly plays Fiona, and if there ever was a prototypical big sister who watches out for her siblings, it is Fiona. But in her real life, Emmy has an online presence on Instagram that is worth following. Here are 5 reasons you should follow her.

1. She has definite political views

You can see her quotes from Steven Hawking about the state of human imperfections as well as her take on the recent Parkland High School shootings. Every once in a while you will see a crossword puzzle she has completed, so it’s not likely she will be at a loss for words anytime soon.

2. She is definitely an animal lover

If you have the same heart for animals as Emmy, browsing through her Instagram collection will not only have you seeing some great pics of wildlife, but also the occasional comment about how important it is to connect with and protect animals as much as possible. During the California wildfires she dropped a note not only asking people to realize that animals fleeing the fires were scared, but also to watch out for your own pets and keep them inside at night.

3. She has a way with fashion.

Emmy’s great looks and sleek figure are ideal for trying on some of the latest fashions – safely. You can see her donning everything from casual attire to formal wear, and she does justice to every piece of clothing she wears. There are occasional pics of her enhancing eye wear, not the other way around. (It doesn’t seem right to say Emmy is “wearing glasses.”)

4. She experiments with hairstyles

Shameless fans will almost always see Emmy with her brunette hair straight down or sometimes pulled back. But stop in at her Instagram account and you will see her hair in various shades of brown, styled in ways that have you wondering if it is really her. Yes, a style can make that much difference, and you will have to see it to believe it.

5. She has an eye for art.

We are talking classical art here. Everything from the stained glass windows of churches to Roman and Greek sculptures, to Gothic architecture, you will find pics of that she has found more than interesting. But her appreciation for art is not only classical, but also from behind the camera. You will see some of her shots of her Shameless co-stars from behind the director’s lens.

It is clear Emmy Rossum has a wide variety of talents and interests. Her world is complex, and that is the way she has chosen to live it. If you stop in to browse through her Instagram account, be sure you don’t bring any Fiona stereotypes along with you.

While many actors and actresses are on Instagram for followers (Emmy isn’t lacking in this area with more than 3.1 million) she uses the social media site to find her freedom of expression and a venue for her views on life and the world. You may not agree with them all, but you get an insight to both the personal and professional life on television’s best Big Sister.

Source: TVOvermind

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