Press: Showtime Bosses On How Long ‘Shameless’ & ‘Ray Donovan’ Can Go -TCA

Shameless is heading into its expanded ninth season as the longest-running drama on premium cable and one of the most watched.

With 8 million episodes a week, the most recent eighth season of Shameless was most watched in Showtime’s history and ranked as the No.1 premium cable series in 2018.

“That show defies gravity,” Showtime president of programming Gary Levine said during the Showtime TCA executive session when asked about how many seasons they envision the family drama-comedy will run.

“Our feeling is that the Gallaghers can live on…, I don’t mind having them on the air for years to come.

Showtime CEO David Nevins credited the setup of the show, a “family group of characters who change over time” as helping to drive its longevity.

Ultimately, “it will be up to (executive producers) John Wells and Nancy Pimental behind the camera and Emmy Rossum and Bill Macy in front of the camera” when the series will end, Levine said.

With Homeland ending after Season 8, Ray Donovan becomes Showtime’s second longest-running scripted series. Levine feels optimistic about the prospects of the drama going beyond its upcoming fifth season, in which the title character moves from Los Angeles to New York. The change of scenery has been great for the series, Levine said.

“We are looking toward and enjoying this revitalized new direction for Ray,” he said.

Source: Deadline